Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great shopping trip today!

I love! They are the best. They compile all the best deals at the grocery stores and match up all the coupons to go with the sales. This week was an excpetional week at Albertsons. So many things were on sale.
I got 4 gogurts, 2lbs butter, 1 doz eggs, 4 ricotta cheeses, 3 boxes toaster strudel, 1 bag green giant veggies with sauce, 8 pasta ronis, 8 rice a ronis, 12 muffin mixes, 8 pancake mixes, 6 boxes of organic cereal, 1 package of razor cartridges, 6 packs of easy ups, and 4 boxes of potatoes. Regular retail price $277. I paid $134.00 and recieved $85.00 in catalina coupons to use like cash on future purchases. What a deal! At QFC they had Campbells Select Harvest soup for $1.25, I had $1 off coupons for them along with coupons for the other soup. So 21 cans of soup for $8.50!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I live in Indianola Washington and my little sister LOVES pinching your pennies and is the queen of shopping...are you able to use printed coupons from your computer at your albertsons? we can't use them at the kingston little sister is trying to teach me how to save a load of money..but I am just not getting if you can give me any tips that would be fabulous...We have military privilages at our commissary and would prefer to shop there as I save more money that way..thanks again
Gina :)

More Jingle in my Jeans said...

So glad to have another Washington couponer! I get most of my tips from the website. Everyone on there is so great to help each other out. My local Albertsons store (Eastgate/Bellevue) just starting accepting the internet coupons. I buy a few papers a week depending on what coupons I will use. Also another place to get coupons is your local coffee shop. My local Starbucks lets me collect the coupons from Sunday papers that are left behind by other customers.
Good luck! Please feel free to ask any questions!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

my sister finally got me hooked with this saving thing..did my first shopping with coupons in hands..did pretty well for my first time..but could have saved more had I had my sister along with me learning the ropes..but I know what I did and won't let it happen again..I have mine posted on my blog today...have a good one..another site to go to is't gone there yet..but have another fellow blogger that does and loves it..oh and our store takes printeds now...thankg goodness..