Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forks part II

La Push
Hannah was not having fun. she was very scared of the huge waves!
The weather was so terrible at La Push. We could hardly see anything.


Views of the river

I thought that this looked like the view from the movie, when Edward and Bella are up in the tree.

We went over to Forks today! The kids had the day off from Chinese school,and the weather was ok, so off we went.
It is quite a drove over there, about a 440 mile round trip from our house. The kids watched movies while we drove, and I listened to Twilight on my Ipod. The scenery is just breathtaking! I thought that it would be much the same as my area, but with all the water it is really different.

Menu plan monday 12/1-12/7

toast and jam
berries, bananas.

pb & j
tuna salad

taco lasagna
beef and broccoli and rice
cranberry apricot pork loin with orzo
potato soup with rolls
baked potato and salad bar