Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great shopping trip today!

I love! They are the best. They compile all the best deals at the grocery stores and match up all the coupons to go with the sales. This week was an excpetional week at Albertsons. So many things were on sale.
I got 4 gogurts, 2lbs butter, 1 doz eggs, 4 ricotta cheeses, 3 boxes toaster strudel, 1 bag green giant veggies with sauce, 8 pasta ronis, 8 rice a ronis, 12 muffin mixes, 8 pancake mixes, 6 boxes of organic cereal, 1 package of razor cartridges, 6 packs of easy ups, and 4 boxes of potatoes. Regular retail price $277. I paid $134.00 and recieved $85.00 in catalina coupons to use like cash on future purchases. What a deal! At QFC they had Campbells Select Harvest soup for $1.25, I had $1 off coupons for them along with coupons for the other soup. So 21 cans of soup for $8.50!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 1/8-1/14

Monday~Mexican lasagna, cilantro lime rice, green salad with tomatoes and avocados.

Tuesday-Teriyaki chicken rolls, california rolls, salad with japanese dressing,

Wednesday~Trout with lemon pepper, home fries, peas and carrots

Thursday~ Hawaiian haystacks with Kalua pork, peas, pineapple, gravy, chow mein noodles,

Friday~Hot dog boats and sliders, standing salad


Sunday~ Creamy italian chicken, rice, steamed broccoli, tomato salad

Monday, January 5, 2009

Freezer inventory

I bought some chicken on Friday and when I came home I couldn't find room for it in the freezer, it was time to clean it out and find out what was in there. I only found two mystery items that promptly were thrown away, along with the last few popsicles leftover from this summer. My dear DH has made a bargain with a fisherman client~ 250 lbs of fish will soon be coming~! I need to make room in the freezer pronto! I will be making my menus for the next few weeks from what I all ready have in there.

Monday~chili with the works
Tuesday~Clam Chowder, chopped salad
Wednesday~Rotini pasta, caesar salad, steamed broccoli
Thursday~Sweet and sour pork with rice, steamed edamame, and stir fried snap peas
Friday~Enchiladas, refried beans, spanish style rice, corn
Sunday~ Lamb roast, roasted potatoes, peas and carrots

Frozen Meals
3 Eggplant caponata
2 trout
2 lbs peas
2 strawberry jams
8 chimichangas
8 packages ground turkey
2 lbs sweet corn
1 peach jam
1 clam chowder
3 packages lean gr beef
30 bags steamers
1 bag cranberry sauce
1 creamy veggie soup
1 lamb shoulder roast
7 butters
1 beef enchiladas
10 rolls jimmy dean sausage
3 8 oz bags mozzarella
2 chili
2 bags shredded turkey
1 8 oz bag cheddar
1 turkey enchiladas
4 lbs bacon
2 rolls cinnamon twists
1 chili verde enchiladas
5 packages hot dogs
1 mexican lasagna
12 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
2 rotini pasta
2 taco soup
2 creamy potato soup
1 chili mole
3 broccoli soup
1 gazpacho
1 bag kalua pork
2 bags cooked pork loin
1 rotisserie chicken
1 bag refried beans
1 tray chicken enchiladas