Monday, January 5, 2009

Freezer inventory

I bought some chicken on Friday and when I came home I couldn't find room for it in the freezer, it was time to clean it out and find out what was in there. I only found two mystery items that promptly were thrown away, along with the last few popsicles leftover from this summer. My dear DH has made a bargain with a fisherman client~ 250 lbs of fish will soon be coming~! I need to make room in the freezer pronto! I will be making my menus for the next few weeks from what I all ready have in there.

Monday~chili with the works
Tuesday~Clam Chowder, chopped salad
Wednesday~Rotini pasta, caesar salad, steamed broccoli
Thursday~Sweet and sour pork with rice, steamed edamame, and stir fried snap peas
Friday~Enchiladas, refried beans, spanish style rice, corn
Sunday~ Lamb roast, roasted potatoes, peas and carrots

Frozen Meals
3 Eggplant caponata
2 trout
2 lbs peas
2 strawberry jams
8 chimichangas
8 packages ground turkey
2 lbs sweet corn
1 peach jam
1 clam chowder
3 packages lean gr beef
30 bags steamers
1 bag cranberry sauce
1 creamy veggie soup
1 lamb shoulder roast
7 butters
1 beef enchiladas
10 rolls jimmy dean sausage
3 8 oz bags mozzarella
2 chili
2 bags shredded turkey
1 8 oz bag cheddar
1 turkey enchiladas
4 lbs bacon
2 rolls cinnamon twists
1 chili verde enchiladas
5 packages hot dogs
1 mexican lasagna
12 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
2 rotini pasta
2 taco soup
2 creamy potato soup
1 chili mole
3 broccoli soup
1 gazpacho
1 bag kalua pork
2 bags cooked pork loin
1 rotisserie chicken
1 bag refried beans
1 tray chicken enchiladas

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