Thursday, July 9, 2009

My new favorite thing

I love books! But, if I sit down to read a book 8 hours can go by without me getting to to do anything, the kids can tear down the house and I wouldn't notice~! I have learned that the best way to get my fill of reading is to listen to books on tape. In the past I have checked out all the audio books from the library and added them to my Itunes; this can be a very time consuming task though.
I just just found out that through my library system inline I can download books directly to my Ipod. It takes just a few minutes per book. The system is called Overdrive Media. It is free from my King county Library System. Check your library to find out if it available in your area.


Trish said...

What a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

I need to make more time for reading. Hope things are going ok for you...havent seen any posts lately!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me look at your coupon book in Walmart today:) I've added you to my favorites:)