Sunday, July 26, 2009

Menu plan monday

cereal and fruit
fruit smoothies with yogurt
chocolate chip mini muffins
cinnamon rolls, turkey bacon
homemade poptarts
omelets in a bag

grilled ham and cheese sandwiches
grilled pizzas
greek chickpea burgers with tahziki sauce
tuna and crackers
pb & j rollups
mac and cheese with mini burgers
homemade lunchables

Teriyaki pineapple pork chops, chow mein, steamed broccoli
Chicken lettuce wraps (PF Changs style)
Grilled shrimp, takami edamame, and potstickers
Grilled steak salad
Taco salads with rice, and beans
Beef stroganoff, rice, fresh green beans
Clean out the fridge night

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