Sunday, June 14, 2009

Menu plan monday

This is our last week of school, to make it a bit more fun I decided to let the kids make the menu for the week. We went to the library and checked out a bunch of kids cookbooks for them to make choices from. I think they did a great job of it! I am very impressed with the amount of fruits and veggies that they included. They also made a shopping list for me, they checked out what we all ready had a home and decided what we needed to get. Great job girls!

Most of the recipes came from The Disney Magic Kitchen Cookbook. I will have the kids review each one and let you know how they are.

Hi Mom.

Here is the menu:

Breakfast:Biscuits and Gravy (croissants for buiscuts)

Dinner: Hamburgers (Secret Lair Burgers page 88)

Breakfast: Muffin Tops

Dinner:Be Our Guest Berry Salad page 74

Breakfast: Tropical Fruit Smoothie page 30

Lunch:Take a dip lunch page 52

Dinner:Body Shop Black Bean Salad page 44

Lunch:Pit stop portable pizza page 60

Breakfast:The Sky Is Falling Apple Wraps page 42

Lunch:Secret lair burgers page 88

Dinner:Garden Fresh Veggies Salad page 38

Lunch:Pb and J

Breakfast:Don't Forget Breakfast Cookies Page 32

Lunch:Power up Pasta and meatballs page 84

Dinner: Not Too Scary Berry Pancakes page 24

Breakfast:As You Wish Muffins Page 26

Lunch:Lightning fast wraps page 36

Dinner:Fiesta Taco Pizzas page 90

Thank You!
The girls!

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