Wednesday, December 30, 2009

China pics

Hannah riding her bike in the backyard. The kids all got new bikes from their Aunt and Uncle, they had a blast riding them on the good weather days. Parker was caught red handed in the sand, something he knew he shouldn't be playing in. He knew he was in trouble with Mom and Dad, Grandma came to his rescue and gave him a free pass to play, she even rounded up some toys for him to play with.

An old style accountant, he had a bowl of beans, a real bean counter!

The Chinese pavillion for the Shanghai Expo. Grandpa's friend was able to get us in to see all the buildings even though most of them are still under construction.

Hannah and Parker were enjoying the nice sunny day and the great grass!

Lunch with the cousins.

Parker was so proud of his new fire truck!
Farewell dinner at home.

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