Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our trip to Portugal and Spain

interior of the church
Nativity scene on the outside of the church
Crucifixtion scene on the outside of the church
La Sagrada Familia church~it has been under construction since 1882, they expect that it will take 20 more years to complete.

This was our one major splurge on the trip, we had a wonderful dinner on the waterfront. We shared two grilled plates. I forgot to take pictures of our appetizers, and DH had eaten all of his mussels and clams before I remembered to take this picture. On my plate I had grilled pork, lambchops, steak, sausage, rabbit, chicken, and veggies. Total meal with three courses, drinks, and dessert was $128! I am sure that we have never spent that much on dinner for ourselves! I was a great birthday present! Thanks honey!

DH managed to find an Aikido Dojo in Barcelona. It was fun to watch him through around that very large man.

A street market in Barcelona.
We had Paella at this restaurant in the gothic quarter in Barcelona. This restaurant has been open since 1835.

Sintra City View, that is a castle on top of the mountain. It was built in the 1500s.
The view from our room at the Four Seasons.
This is the Quelez Palace, just outside of Lisbon. We had a wonderful dinner in that beautiful golden dining room. The meal was fabulous!

My Dh is a very hard working man! He earned this fabulous trip to Europe. We had a wonderful time seeing all the sights and spending time with other leaders in the company!

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